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I do not guarantee that they will have what you seek, nor do I guarantee that their encryption is unbreakable -- credit card buyers beware! I just thought it was neat.

  • Guten Tag,

    Kennen Sie schon UtopTon - der Spezialversand/-verlag für Chormusik/A Cappella/ akustische WorldMusik/Klezmer/Kabarett.
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    Herzliche Grüße
    Martin Lugenbiehl

  • Here is a new outlet for German stuff which is relatively new. I've ordered from them many times with no problem and shipments are prompt. They are located in Lübeck, Germany and they do accept Visa & Mastercard. Best part is their prices, in fact I save nearly 60% - [shipping included], than if I purchased them here in the USA. Please check them out....here is their email address. Loading is a little slow getting there, but once there, everything is just fine. Also their customer service is better than if I went there and did it myself :-))
    Thanks for listening
  • Not related to German is www.amazon.com which does also have cds, and www.amazon.de which now has cds.  Both have been quite reliable in my experience. 
  • hi folks ---guten tag !! please list in your great web-page the #1 source of german videos in the usa with over 2300 videos all in the usa-ntsc-vhs system for sale or even for rent !!! www.germanvideo.com for free catalog just call 1 800 252 1957
    thanks ,vielen dank ihr
    juergen jungbauer
  • hello!
    following some music links thru alta vista I arrived at your site. Seeing you are mentioning several musicsources/stores on line I'm writing you to tell you about
    rockhouse music mailorder holland
    rockhouse  has been active with worldwide musicmailorder since 1973 and since 1996 we run the store on line with a musicsearchdatabase featuring over a 700.000 titles this moment. Working hard to get our site more known and it would be so great if you could give me a linking helping hand.
    thanks so much for your time and best wishes! frances
  • CDEurope. "I was hesitant about ordering something from a business that didn't provide a mailing address, but they had the four Zupfgeigenhansl albums on CD that I had bought sixteen years ago as LP's. I plan to order Allan wierra Stan next--Wolfgang Ambros singing Bob Dylan in Wiener Dialekt. Not one you normally see in the Gessler catalogue." Sorry, I cannot remember who wrote this.
  • German Music Express They also have Zupfgeigenhansl, as well as Max Raabe und Palast Orchester, and die fantastischen vier.
  • CD Connection online does not have Zupfgeigenhansl, appears to be oriented more towards classical music.
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