Copyright questions?

Several people have asked about the legality of my archive, so I have added some links to other archives' copyright statements. If anyone tried to shut me down, they would also have to shut down every other site from which I've found lyrics. I also refer the reader to Lingua Franca Dec. 95 issue, "Just Do It." I repeat: this archive is to save teachers time from typing in the lyrics to songs they use in the classroom.

My final statement is that I do not provide sound bites, so anyone wanting to make use of these texts either already has the music or must buy it. This site, from another perspective, is free advertising for the music companies.

Remember, each text is for study and research purposes only!
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If you can't find something, try my Other Music Sites, or enter a phrase from the song you want, something without umlauts or ß. Put quotes around it too to search for the exact phrase.