Game--Päckchen wandern

From Mary Ziller to the AATG list in 1996:

Liebe ListlerInnen:

My favorite game for beginners is :Paeckchen, paeckchen du musst wandern.
It is sung to the tune of Taler, Taler du muss wandern which is a
traditional German song.

Paeckchen, Paeckchen
Du muss wandern
Von dem einen Kind zum andern
O, wie schoen!
O, wie schoen!
Das Paeckchen bleibt bei Mary (the child's name) stehen.

The teacher prepares a package by wrapping a piece of candy. Then adding
another piece of candy and wrapping them together.  Then adding another
candy to that small package and wrapping them together. Keep adding a
piece of candy to create a larger and larger package with as many layers
as you have students.  When the children pass the package, the one it
stops at opens one layer and takes a candy.  Then children sing the song
as they pass the package.  They continue to pass it until everyone has
opened a layer and taken a piece of candy.

Variation: Instead of candy in each layer, hide a command such as "count
to ten in German" or "jump three times" which the student acts out.
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