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Caveat: This project is mine and mine only, songs here are for use in classrooms, they are online to
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by not having to retype songs that others have already transcribed.
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As they are for teaching, any hints as to how to use the songs would be greatly appreciated by the maintainer and users of this site.

  • I have one page with all the artists and their songs listed. I have them all on one page to allow for easy browsing, and as it is text only, loading should be quick. To find any artist or song, use the find function of your browser. (If you use Netscape and the button does not show at the top of your screen, go to the Options menu with your mouse and pull it down, highlight Show Toolbar, and let go.) If a song is not listed, I don't have it, nor do I know how to get it other than going to sites on my Other Music Sites page. Please do not ask me to find a song for you.

    If an artist has a page, it includes all their songs I have on my site, reviews, fan pages, and sites with more of their lyrics available as I run across them and as you send them to me. For some artists I have no songs, but I have found sites where you can get lyrics, and if you find any song from elsewhere useful, I would appreciate your telling me!

  • As people send me uses for the songs, I will include the songs directly on my site, with the instructions on the song's page.
  • When you've found a song you want to use, first click in the frame, then either hit the print button on your browser to use it as is, or (in Netscape) go up to the Edit menu with your mouse, Select All, Copy, and then paste into your word processing program where you may manipulate the song to create a cloze text for modal verbs, etc. You can even email yourself a copy of the song using Netscape's mail document feature from the File menu.
  • On my Other Music Sites page I have included several places on the Web where you can order cds, some German music magazines, more Lyrics databases, etc. Miscellaneous things.
  • I would love to be able to have sound files for entire songs in this database, but I certainly don't have that much space on my account, and I don't intend to compete with the music industry. Some fan pages I have found do include sound samples, and I encourage you to tell me if you find more!
  • If you have questions about the legality of this site, I refer you to my Copyright Questions? page. My final statement is that I do not provide sound bites, so anyone wanting to make use of these texts either already has the music or must buy it. This site, from another perspective, is free advertising for the music companies. But the UWP site got shut down so I might too. If you find a song you want, take it while you can!
  • As people ask questions, I will include answers on this page. I hope you find my site useful: please, if you find mistakes, bad links, texts to add, if my site just is blah without graphics and you're willing to wait a bit longer for things to load, etc., Email me! The domain is, put something creative before the @ and I'll get it. DO NOT email me with requests for help in finding songs, cds, videos, random stuff. Read the hints in the lower frame.

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If you can't find something, try my Other Music Sites, or enter a phrase from the song you want, something without umlauts or ß. Put quotes around it too to search for the exact phrase.